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One of the things that most vacationers would like when they stay in any hotel is personal attention but unfortunately not everybody receives it. Many tourists today make the decision to take a package holiday which includes a flight, a hotel room and often an assortment of activities or excursions. These packages certainly make the vacation cheaper but as the hotels are booked in bulk, rarely do they provide the personal attention many would have liked. These packages usually go to popular resort area such as the south coast of Spain and the Spanish islands and these have now become well-known as mass tourism destinations. As they are known to be destinations frequented by mass tourism, few people planning their own vacations will go to one of the mass tourism ones as they seek the personal attention which most lack.

Recently though, one of these Spanish islands, Lanzarote in the Canary island chain, has decided to change their image from one of being only able to cater to mass tourism to one which still caters to mass tourism but can also cater to the needs of more discerning travellers. One of the issues is that the mass tourism hotels are often too large to afford personal attention and so Lanzarote is encouraging smaller hotels to open up. One hotel has already opened which meets the new look and that hotel is La Isla y el Mar in Puerto del Carmen, just 10 miles from the Lanzarote Airport. Details of this hotel can be found at but basically it is a 82 room, boutique hotel which can cater to even the most discerning traveller’s needs. Adjoining a terrace area which offers magnificent views of the ocean, the hotel’s swimming pool offers a cooling break from the hot sun without the need to go the 400m to the beach. More sunscreen or sunglasses can easily be bought at the shopping center just 500m away and anything else you may need; need only be asked for at the front desk.

For the maximum personal attention, guests can opt to visit the hotel’s spa where an assortment of treatments can be offered. Although some of these treatments are internationally known, some are only known locally and are certainly worth a try. Although the spa does of course cater to individual needs, it also specializes in treatments for couples. Although certain aspects of the couple treatments are the same, other aspects are designed specifically for the women and others for the men. The hotel is home to two restaurants and so guests can make their personal choices as to what they eat, where they eat and how they eat. The first is a traditional a la carte restaurant that features some modern fusion dishes whilst the second is a buffet style restaurant which offers both local and international choices.

If this hotel is an example of what is to come on the island, Lanzarote should not have much trouble enticing independent travellers to the island.

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