Tourism in Buenos Aires

As the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is no stranger to tourists and even a new type of tourist is now choosing to visit this great city. The new type of tourist is the wandering trader, a trader in commodities on the stock market that no longer needs to be restricted to a pit in order to make their trades. In these days of the internet, armed with a laptop and the appropriate apps, a trader can literally trade anywhere there is an internet service. The vast majority of these traders are though employed by investors and so they have to work from whichever office is assigned to them by their employer but, for those few experienced traders that have started to make their own investments which they trade in, they have no such restrictions and so are free to travel the world whilst using the laptop to stay abreast of how the markets are doing and by using the apps, trade appropriately. Because of this new found freedom, some traders are opting to see the Buenos Aires tourist spots between trading or tourist spots all over the globe.

If opting to choose Buenos Aires for their temporary office, a trader will be able to visit the Presidential Palace, locally known as Casa Rosada where Madonna sang the popular song Evita in the movie of the same name. They will be able to visit Malba: Colección Costantini where artworks by renowned Argentinian artists like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Tarsila do Amaral race the walls. A popular Buenos Aires attraction that receives many locals as well as tourists is the Reserva Ecólogica Constanera Sur which contains a nature reserve, picnic areas and tracks for joggers and cyclists. However, no visit to Buenos Aires is complete unless the visitor has seen a show by one of the many professional dance couples dancing to the tango. Of course there is an assortment of venues where a visitor can tango themselves but few will be able to tango with the same amount of grace as the local professionals. Whether visiting Buenos Aires as a trader or a more conventional tourist, anyone will be amazed at the number of excellent eating establishments offering not just good food but also a wide selection of wines, some establishments boasting wine lists that contain as many as 3,000 different wines.

The city of Buenos Aires is graced with wide avenues and getting around the city is made easy by effective public transport systems but as is the case in most large cities and especially in countries capitals, the public transport systems can get very crowded during the rush hours. Those rush hours will allow the wandering trader time to study the stock market and trade whichever commodities they need to trade for the day. Of course the other thing that Argentina is famous for is its football and as there are many teams that call Buenos Aires their home, getting to see a match during a stay there is not too difficult.

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